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Parenting With Results

Learn a new approach to communication & transform your parenting!

Parenting With Results Online Program

This is not your typical parenting program! 

The Parenting with Results Program teaches a new approach to communication that will transform your parenting. In four information packed modules, you will uncover the secrets to communicating more effectively with yourself and with your child.

There’s more…

The best part of this program is not just the awareness and skills gained throughout the process, but also the ability to teach your child the same tools!

Program Outline: 

Lesson 1:  An In-depth Look at How We Communicate and Why It Matters

How can my child better understand what I'm saying and doing?

Session #1  - What is NLP
Session #2 – A New Perspective
Session #3 – Setting Yourself Up For Success
Session #4 – The Mastery of Gathering Information
Session #5 – Uncovering Hidden Language and Gaining Flexibility

Lesson 2:  Recognizing Patterns and Gaining Cooperation

How can I get more cooperation from my child?

Session 1: Understanding Choice and Motivation
Session 2: Details, Perception and Connection
Session 3: Tools to Facilitate Rapport

Lesson 3:  Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

What do I do when I'm struggling?

Session 1: Levels of Learning
Session 2: The Meaning to our Madness
Session 3: Accessing Resources Within Yourself and Others  

Lesson 4:  Managing Behavior with Confidence

How do I get my child to change his/negative behaviors and also give proper praise?

Session 1: Change is Good
Session 2: Tools for Growth and Development
Session 3: Recognizing and Encouraging Greatness  

$299.00 USD


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