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About Us

Liz Becker is a master at bringing out the best in people. One of her foremost passions lies in helping children learn emotional intelligence, which led her to create the Parenting With Results Program. This parenting program is the only of its kind where, in addition to teaching parents to better understand their children and gain more flexibility in their communication, it also helps parents provide their children with extremely valuable tools in emotional state management.   

Through her own personal experience, Liz knows first-hand about the ups and downs of a rich and vibrant life. Based on her background and all that she learned, Liz quickly realized that life coaching was an avenue through which she could help others. To date, Liz has enjoyed great success in helping others address challenges in divorce, parenting, career changes, loss of loved ones and many other life changing experiences. Liz’s own personal story combined with her compassion and drive to help parents and caregivers learn a new approach to communication and transform their relationships.

Liz has always been an entrepreneur and has a strong foundation in several aspects of business, ranging from business development and management to sales and marketing. In 2016 Liz and co-founder Vicky Townsend launched the National Association of Divorce Professionals, a first of its kind association uniting professionals who serve clients going through all stages of divorce. 

Stacey McGuirk Rodriguez is a natural connector with a passion for creating community. Her 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur prepared her to handle the strategy and execution that is required to run a successful home with the right combination of grace and grit. 

As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Stacey knows that well-being can be approached from many different perspectives and that the path to wellness is different for everyone. After becoming a mother in 2010, Stacey quickly realized that these same concepts applied to motherhood. She credits her flexibility in navigating the ups and downs of parenting on her yoga practice and training.

Her experience managing 10,000+ hours of client projects is her secret weapon to working smart as a mother. Stacey believes that mothers can leverage their own experiences and skills gained in their chosen line of work to make motherhood easier. She launched Mom&Co as a resource where moms can learn how to work smarter while also giving them a platform to create their own trainings and programs. 


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