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A New Approach to Parenting

Ditch the quick fix &
start building emotional intelligence.


The Reality of Parenthood

We all go into parenting wanting to be great at it, right! Truth is, being a great parent takes a lot of effort and seemingly endless amounts of patience. And not everyone starts this journey with ample training…or any training at all!

You are not alone. There is something you can do right now to get better results. Cognitive change requires an investment of time so stop looking for the quick fix and start taking the right action to see drastic changes in your parenting!

The Parenting with Results Program is an online program that includes four information packed modules where you will uncover the secrets to communicating more effectively with yourself and with your child.

Just like with our kids, we learn by doing. That's why at PWR we have created an experiential, results-based approach to learning that is customizable for your specific family dynamics.

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Learn the 3 mistakes every parent makes and how to fix them!

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Learn a new approach to communication & transform your parenting!

How can my child better understand what I’m saying and doing?

The Neuro-Linguistic Programming Communication Model will give you a new perspective on how we represent reality. We will focus on a very important area of the filtering process known as our preferred representational system.

Did you know that your five senses play an enormous part in our communication? Learn how to become more aware and detect this important system in both yourself and your child. You will also participate in a sensory acuity exercise to help you become more flexible in your communication. This is critical to having your child better understand what you say, show and tell them.

How do I get more cooperation from my child?

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? Did you know you have unconscious patterns that are running in your mind the same way? In NLP we call these Meta-programs and you will soon find out that identifying them within yourself is the first step in understanding how they effect your children

Explore 5 different Meta-programs and learn tools to practice on a daily basis for building rapport and gaining cooperation from your child. Learn how to become more aware and detect this important system in both yourself and your child. You will also participate in a sensory acuity exercise to help you become more flexible in your communication. This is critical to having your child better understand what you say, show and tell them.

What do I do when I feel I am struggling?

How many times have you responded to your child in a way that you felt was not beneficial nor typical for you? After hours of trying to analyze yourself and possibly feeling guilty about the experience, you still end up in the same place? Before we are able to make any changes in our behaviors, we have to uncover the driving factor of these actions.

In Lesson 3 you will learn how to get a clearer understanding of both your positive and negative behaviors, as well as those of your child. You will also gain the necessary tools to accessing the resources needed to handle a challenging situation. In some cases,  being able to competently model someone else who has been successful with that skill or subject is paramount. The best part of learning these valuable tools and techniques is being able to teach your child to do the same!

How do I manage undesirable behavior and also give proper praise?

By now you will have gotten a really good grip on the structure of your own mind, the movie that plays out in your child’s mind and, with the tools provided in the previous sessions, you will already have more options in how you communicate with your child.

In this final session we will be covering four different valuable strategies to effectively reframe a task that your child does not want to do, help your child chose more beneficial behaviors, give feedback properly and praise powerfully. Once you are able to put the strategies into action, you will be able to put a positive spin on an unpleasant task and help your child change negative behaviors.


What is this going to cost me?

Good question. An even better question is…what’s a stake?

How much are you willing and able to invest into yourself and your family? How can you break the cycle of frustration? What if you could become more flexible and enjoy being a parent? What would the morning routine look like without all the yelling and stress?  And most important: how many amazing moments are you missing due to a breakdown in communication with the people you love the most?

We created this PARENTING WITH RESULTS program so that you could feel empowered to be the powerful, dynamic, energized leader we know you can be, and at a price you can afford.




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Are you ready to put your parenting first?

Truth is, you’re already a great parent!

 It’s not about a lack of commitment or a lack of resources. The fact that you are reading this…right now …shows your commitment! It’s about accessing, strengthening and arranging your resources into an effective strategy.



Meet Liz & Stacey


Liz is known as the "queen of communication" and created PWR to not only teach parents to better understand their children and gain more flexibility in their communication, but to help parents provide their children with extremely valuable tools in emotional state management.

The only thing Stacey loves more than being a mom is other moms! That's why she has created Mom&Co, a platform that allows women to see the connection between the skills they gain in the workplace and the skills they need to unleash the great mom they know they can be! 

"Liz was very helpful navigating the ‘teen hood transition’ stage. We were just going around in circles until we found Liz and she really helped smooth our communication conflicts."

Anne M.
Registered Nurse

"Liz’s ability to discover, understand and present what limits other human beings is her highest asset as a coach. She brought that same magic to Parenting With Results!"

Interior Designer

"After implementing some of the amazing tools I learned through the Parenting with Results program, I immediately saw a change in myself and my children. It’s given me so much more time to enjoy with my kids rather than struggle with them!"

Mom of 3

Our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee

With tons of support from the PWR team, we are so convinced that you will love the this program that we are offering a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, just let us know and we will refund your investment.


Parenting With Results is NOT for everyone and to tell you the truth, we would rather you figure that out BEFORE you join!

✔ Parents looking to bring out the best in their children
✔  Caregivers ready to minimize the power struggle
✔  Anyone eager to make a greater positive impact on their family

✘  Parents eager to find a quick fix
✘  Someone looking to have obedient children
✘  People not willing to make a commitment to learn a new way of communication

It’s not just about you getting your child to act the way you want – it’s about giving them the tools to have choice in their behavior. That’s what emotional intelligence is all about!


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